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Breakfast buffet

Waves Restaurant

Waves restaurant is open from 08:00 am until 00:00 pm and shares the same space with a pool bar, by the sea, with sea view as well as towards the islet Thodorou. It is ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering dishes of traditional Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine, with pure and fresh local ingredients.

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Italian restaurant Cugini

“Cugini” is a slowfood italian restaurant, where our objective is the promotion of Italian gastronomy, through the combination of high-quality raw material and culinary art.

By using Italian raw materials, only fresh meat and fresh vegetables our production from our garden, we ensure the conditions for an enjoyable «trip»
towards the Italian taste trails, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Hours of Service: 16:00 – 00:00

My Place Cafe bar

The main bar “My Place” operates from 08:00 am until 02:00 pm, offering coffees, beverages, fresh juices, cocktail, alcoholic beverage, snacks, sweets and ice cream.

Pool Bar

The pool bar operates from 08:00 – 00:00 and is located next to the restaurant “Waves” where you can enjoy your coffee, your drink, refreshing cocktails, fresh juices, snacks and ice cream with sea view.